Account info: how do I see the usage of private repositories and nodes?

I’ve just logged in and applied the Tutum Beta promo code.

I can’t seem to find anywhere that can tell me how many instance hours or private repositories I have.

I expected to see them on the Account Info page.

If I read the docs right, I should have 750 free hours, 750 “tutum” hours, 1 free private repository, and 4 “tutum” private repositories available.


How many private repositories would you like?
5 -> $0 per month

Nodes managed
Nodes provide raw compute for running Docker containers and services
2 -> $0 per month
$0.02/node/hr (billed monthly)

We’re working on providing visibility on the amount of free node hours and repos that an account has access to. For now, know that every account gets 750 node hours and 1 free private repo. Grandfathered Tutum users get additional node hours and repos on top of that. So you are correct, as a grandfathered user you have 5 private repos and 1500 node hours per month.

Thanks for your support.

I believe grandfathered Tutum user get additional 1500 hours per month (can run 2 nodes), which can freely run 3 nodes per month.

See the text from promo page:

Promo Code successfully redeemed!
Your account has been credited with the following additional benefits:

Free additional node-hours per month: 1500 (equivalent to 2 nodes running full time)
Free additional private repositories: 4

Thank you for your support during the Tutum beta!

Early supporters get grandfathered with different credits based upon the day on which they registered for Tutum.

I understand the cut off was mid-Oct, I signed up in Sept but did not receive a promo code. When I signed up it stated a limited free account would be extended beyond the beta.

Can you tell me your Tutum username?