Tutum early-supporter code and grandfathering


As previous topic on pricing is surprisingly closed, I would, with your permission, start anew.

Could you please remind me, what would be free plan left for us beta-testers? I remember something about 5 nodes free plan, is that correct? Unfortunately, no clues at blog etc.

I’ve already migrated some of my productions (about 10 hosts in total, many things horizontally scaled) to handy tutum toolset, but I would seriously reconsider if it doubles or triples my infrastructure paycheck, I’d better build it myself out of stock Docker tools (compose, swarm, networking - everything is almost there already).

Tutum GUI and ease of quickstart is appealing to Docker newcomers, but it quickly becomes short of essential things (volume snapshots/migration, deployment rollback), and heavy price could just finish wiping out many of us.

Thanks in advance,

Log into the Tutum web UI and you should have a notification in the top right of the navbar, about a promo code for Docker Cloud.

You won’t get anywhere near 5 free nodes.

Very surprised that the other pricing thread was closed due to “inactivity”. A lot of other threads are still open and haven’t received comments in over 2 days.


I followed the instructions for the Docker Cloud promo, and got the following benefit:

Free additional node-hours per month: 750 (equivalent to 1 nodes running full time)
Free additional private repositories: 4

So, yes, not 5 nodes, but 1 node (at least, for me).

Ok, thanks for clarification.

I’ve found my old account signed up early enough and redeemed promo code.


Hi, I can’t find this promo code in my Tutum beta account - can anyone point me in the right direction? I got a message in a pop-up that Docker cloud had taken over Tutum, but no mention of a promo code?




It largely depends on age of your account.

You should see promo code in this upper right space, just to the left of “Docs”.

If you see empty space, like depicted - then your account is not eligible (too young).

Thanks Paul, I’ve only had it for around 3 months so that must be why I don’t see the promo code.



@willemmerson1 - if you created your account after October then you won’t be sent a promo code.

@vidsyhq Correct, the exact cutoff date is if you signed up October 21st or after.

I have a Tutum promo code but I can’t find where to enter it in Docker Cloud. Can you help me find where to enter it?

I mised my promo code, is there a way to have it ?