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Adding proxy information to ~/.docker/config.json is not getting picked

Hi All,

As per documentation, I have updated the config file “~/.docker/config.json” in my ubuntu VM.

“proxies”: {
“default”: {
“httpProxy”: “http://A.B.C.D:PORT”,
“httpsProxy”: “http://A.B.C.D:PORT”

But this is not getting picked.

What am i missing?

Ubuntu version is 16.04 and Docker version is 18.09


Not sure if you are configuring the proxy for the clients (containers) or the host.
The config you’ve set applies to clients and should work within containers.

If this is for the docker host itself, it is using the ENV variables directly (HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY)

Documentation :

After that you need to restart the Docker daemon.