After Reboot Container Disappear

Hi After reboot the proxmox server where i have an lxc container with docker install on it, the container disappear.

If i do this command “docker ps -a” or “docker image ls” in both case i’ve list empty.
But the data seems to still in the disk as you can see:

Hi i fix the problem by changing the storage driver from overlay2 to vfs.
Follow this documentation:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would strongly advise to backup your volumes, delete all volumes and images, redo you fix and redeploy all containers.

Hi why i need to delete all volumes and images and redeploy? If now everything it works?

I never wrote that you need to do anything.

Though, If what I quoted from the documentation is not enough of a reason for you, then just ignore my advice.

This should have been “undo your fix”.
@rimelek thank you for pointing it out.

Your “fix” is to revert to the fallback storage driver, just because you have everything working with it. If “whatever works” is good enough for you, then stick with it.

My suggestion was to properly migrate to the superior overlay2 storage driver and benefit from its stability, efficiency and its higher performance.

There must be a reason overlay2 suddenly became available as storage driver.

ok good to know.

Now the docker is installed on lxc container, but i thinking to move to a vm with ubuntu server or debian.
What is the best way to move the container to another host?

The best way is to recreate the containers and move only volumes or mounted bind mounted folders.