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Images are gone after using boot2docker for a few days


(Ivan7707) #1


I have been working with docker for about a week now. I am using boot2docker in a virtualbox with a ubuntu OS. Today, after a couple of days of non-use, I opened boot to docker, issued a

docker ps

command, and the containers are missing. The images are still there that I initially used to create the containers. I do not have any idea of how to trouble shoot this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The only thing I can think of is that I restarted my computer (I usually leave it on in the evening). Could that have caused the problem somehow?



(Jeff Anderson) #2


It sounds like your VM has been rebooted. Docker will not start containers unless they were created with a restart policy.

By default docker ps only shows running containers. Run docker ps -a to show all containers (running and otherwise)

You can start stopped containers with the docker start command.

(Ivan7707) #3

Hi Jeff,

Thanks very much for the reply. I found it there.

I will look into what restart policies are.

All the best,