After update to DSM Version: 7.1-42661 Update 2 - QUIC UDP connectivity issue from Docker

Hello community,

I have properly configured my STORJ nodes (on Windows and under Docker on SYNOLOGY NAS).

SYNOLOGY versions:
|Functionality|Docker-based Packages|
|Version|DSM 7.1-42661 Update 2|

DOCKER version: 20.10.3-1306

I have updated SYNOLOGY DSM system. Everything went fine, docker operates properly and nodes under docker as well. Node on Virtual Machine (WINDOWS10) works properly.

Only issue which I have is QUIC looks uncofigured (printscreen). I tried re-add one node but still is the same.

I did not change anything on router and this works properly for all nodes from this NAS.

[Steps to Reproduce]
I have tried reinstall Docker. Remove and re-add all docker containers. Remove and re-add port forward rules on router.

But I did not change anything. I have only updated DSM to latest version.

Did you changed anything how to docker/NAS manage UDP and QUIC functionality? QUIC - Wikipedia

I have tried contact STORJ forum:

Also tried SYNOLOGY forum (cannot add link as new user on forum).

Unfortunatelly nobody helped me until now. I have also bought new router so we can remove point of failure router and port forwarding. This works without issue for my nodes running on Windows machines behind same router on the same network.
This is only for SYNOLOGY and Docker after lates DSM update.

Maybe needs to be something to check on docker side which is used in app on SYNOLOGY DSM.

Thank you