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After upgrade to Docker CE 20.10.7 some docker-compose systems failing to create: invalid mount

I just upgraded Docker CE to version 20.10.7, build f0df350 on several servers running Ubuntu 18.04. On three of those servers, I’ve noticed a show-stopping problem and I haven’t been able to find a fix. A couple Docker Compose (docker-compose) configurations that were running flawlessly for many months (with upgrades and container rebuilds during that time) have suddenly refused to start giving errors like this:

docker-compose up -d
Building with native build. Learn about native build in Compose here:
Creating mautic_mautic_1 ... error

ERROR: for mautic_mautic_1  Cannot start service mautic: OCI runtime create failed: invalid mount {Destination:[/var/www/html] Type:bind Source:/var/lib/docker/volumes/1f13ed8b61b6628338d3b1b9f2f04cfcd44e91343ab255de38d3b1efe8878447/_data Options:[rbind]}: mount destination [/var/www/html] not absolute: unknown

I haven’t changed anything in the docker-compose yml that, previous to the upgrade, worked fine (in all three cases)! Anyone else see this behaviour? Better yet, anyone know a fix? Could it be an issue with “native build”?

Ok - reporting back in case it’s helpful to anyone else! Turns out the problem was an update to containerd which I use on some of my Docker stacks on Ubuntu 18.04… here’s the fix - downgrading from containerd 1.4.6 back to 1.4.4:

sudo apt-get install

Source: container error after upgrade to 1.4.6-1 - containerd