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Am I misusing Docker to version Oracle DBs

(Nikiiv) #1

I am planning to introduce Docker as we are to move to AWS soon
We are running multiple Tomcat(s) (two really for load balancing) and we run multiple JVMs with Akka
I am working on self build scripts so each JVM can be configured by its ‘purpose’ and run the necessary services
So far so good, I can see Docker fitting there perfectly

The thing that is in my head is using Docker to version our production DB
Each night we copy a dump of our production DB, deploy it on a secure environment, anonymize it and then create Oracle VirtualBox VMs, so the developers can copy and use it the next date as we have a lot of ‘live’ data each day. We keep 10 days of VMs and 90 days of backups. The real question is, is Docker good at this or I will be severely mis-using it and we should keep using our inhouse Vbox VMs production.

(Vrms) #2

If I understand you correctly you’d be replacing your (nightly) VM’s with (nightly) images containing your db snapshots you run containers from for developers to use the latest data in development, right?

Generally I (with very little docker expertise) would say that’s use, no misuse of d.