Need help on Docker

Hello All - I have some questions on Docker:

1). I can develop a J2EE app and deploy it to the app server (i.e. tomcat, websphere, etc.) and start using the app. If I am to run the app server in Docker, can I just deploy this same J2EE app to the app server in Docker and everything will work just fine, without any rewrite of the Java app to Docker specification?

2). Same for database - if I run Oracle under Docker already, is there a need to create special version of SQL script to run on Oracle in the container?


  1. Yes, you can quite easily run any standard J2EE app inside Docker: there is already an official image for Tomcat, you can use that as a base and either build your own image on top of that, or simply mount your WAR or EAR file within the official image.

  2. I haven’t tried running Oracle in Docker, but mysql/postgres work just fine, so I’m guessing you should have no problems.