Amazonlinux and cloud-init?

So - browsing the docker hub, I see “amazonlinux” as a supported image! Sweet - being able to monkey offline with a VM/container that behaves somewhat like an EC2 instance could be super fun.

In particular - I tend to like to build EC2 bootstrapping instances using cloud-init and userdata, and write scripting that uses the aws metadata servers to get state of things.

Is this functionality included as part of the amazonlinux image? If so - how do you (for example) pass in userdata at runtime? Is there some functional equivalent of accessing the metadata server?

I realize that the “docker-way” would be to build a new docker container using docker build - but that doesn’t solve for my unnatural urges to make/test userdata and metaserver scripting. Maybe this is just not in the cards, but I don’t know enough about this image to see if any of that made it over. Maybe someone here does.

– Tom Bortels, docker and aws fanboi