Moby Linux aws-v17.03.0-ce-beta20 AMI - cfn-init support?

I’m wondering if there is support (or a plan to support) cfn-init usage in the AMI that is currently made available via the Docker for AWS Cloudformation (edge) template.

We have a need to be able to do some worker-level host provisioning outside of Docker, but the usual tools in /opt/aws don’t seem to be available in the AMI listed in the subject. Is this something that may be added in the future, or is there an alternate method for achieving host-level cloudformation userdata/metadata functionality? Thank you.

Can you detail what modifications you want to make? Maybe it’s something we can add to Docker for AWS

Hi Michael, thanks for your reply.

Basically we’re just looking to make use AWS’ cloud formation helper scripts (really only cfn-init at this stage) to do some worker host-level provisioning prior to deploying our stack. For example pulling an archived mysql database directory from s3 and unarchiving it on the worker, so that multiple containers deployed to that worker can use a single copy of those files to run db servers against (in read-only mode).


  • Terry