Angular and Laravel Containers - /config/ Exit 1

I’m working on Laravel + Angular project with docker and I’m new with docker.
I followed the tutorial, So I could install docker to ubuntu(16.04) and made containers successfully,
But the backend, frontend, websocket containers exited.
I saw this post - (Getting panic: spanic: standard_init_linux.go:178: exec user process caused "no such file or directory"red] while running the docker image)
I tried like that, but It’s same. I attached my log file. I’m not sure what is wrong.
PS H:\work\staging> docker-compose -p my-zoom-cluster ps
Name Command State Ports

myzoomcluster_backend_1 /config/ Exit 1
myzoomcluster_database_1 postgres Restarting
myzoomcluster_frontend_1 /var/www/zoomtivity/entryp … Exit 1
myzoomcluster_memcached_1 memcached Up 11211/tcp
myzoomcluster_redis_1 redis … Up 6379/tcp
myzoomcluster_websocket_1 ./ Exit 1
PS H:\work\staging>
This is log file.