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ANNOUNCEMENT: Docker Machinery v 0.7 Released

(Emmanuel Frecon) #1


machinery tries to be the missing piece at the top of the Docker pyramid. machinery is (mostly) a command-line tool that integrates Machine, Swarm, Compose and Docker itself to manage the lifecycle of entire clusters. machinery combines a specifically crafted YAML file format with compose-compatible files to provide an at-a-glance view of whole clusters and all of their components. In addition to its command-line interface, machinery also provides a REST-like interface to ease integration and automation with external projects and tools.

Through the provision of an integrated view of entire clusters, machinery eases tasks such creating or removing virtual machines hosted at any of the providers supported by Machine, but also managing the creation or removal of components onto those machines. Components can either be pinpointed to specific machines, either be placed onto the cluster using any of the controlling facilities provided by Swarm. To quicken component starting in dynamic scenarios, machinery is able to initialise virtual machines with a number of docker images ready to
be instantiated whenever needed.

What’s New

This release brings two major improvements. First, it focuses on being able to run on Windows clients. This has been tested with the Docker toolbox. Second, it brings a number of fixes to encapsulate entire projects into directory hierarchies to allow for improved mobility. The release notes are available online.

Your Input

Your input is valuable. Please report any bug or issue via the tracker on github. Of special interest is reports (positive?!) with the various standard or external drivers.