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Annoying error in the Docker Hub

Hi, I’m just learning Docker and I encountered a strange problem in Docker Hub.
I have a free plan with the option of having one repository.

  • First, I create a repository on the Docker Hub (e.g. with the name “repository1”)

  • Then publish my project using Visual Studio 2019

  • Visual Studio creates an additional repository in the Docker Hub with the same name as the name of the Visual Studio project

  • I now have two repositories in the Docker Hub (in the free plan)

  • I want to download my repository now on my cloud, unfortunately I get an error message. I guess it is because I have two repositories and I can only have one. So I’m deleting my first repository called “repository1”

  • Now I have one repository in Docker Hub created by Visual Studio

  • Again trying to download my image from Docker Hub to my cloud and again I get the message that the repository does not exist

  • So I’m removing all repositories from the Docker Hub

  • Re-publish the project using Visual Studio

  • I am successfully publishing a project with Docker Hub on my cloud

In my opinion, this is not a convenient solution, the more that it is not possible to move the project to another repository

Regards, Jakub