Any CMD command in Dockerfile like CMD ["echo", "hello"] => sh: can't open 'echo': No such file or directory, but ENTRYPOINT works

Hello, Im new to Docker. I made image from container with commit command and now I cant run this image, not a single CMD command is executed. Surprisingly, I can go into the container from which the image is made and all the commands work there. Here is my Dockerfile:

FROM naminami7/private:strapi-prod
ARG NODE_ENV=production
WORKDIR /strapi
CMD [“echo”, “hello”]

When creating a container from this image, any command in CMD produces an error like sh: can’t open ‘echo’: No such file or directory
However, if CMD is replaced with ENTRYPOINT, then everything works fine.

Sorry if this question is dumb and poorly worded. I’ve been struggling with this problem all night.

there is no closing double quote after echo. Like this, it neither could have worked for CMD or ENTRYPOINT.

If it still throws an error, the path where the echo command is located needs to be added to the PATH environment variable or the absolute path must be used (e.g. /bin/echo on ubuntu based base-images).

Sorry, a typo in my question. Thanks for your reply, I will try.