Dockerfile CMD & ENTRYPOINT error

Hi, i’m trying to build a pentaho’s container, PDI carte specifically. I have a problem with the execution of the command from pdi. I’m using CMD + ENTRYPOINT to do that. My Dockerfile is something like this

FROM java

RUN unzip -q pdi / && rm

CMD [“ 8080”]
ENTRYPOINT /data-integration/

The CMD and ENTRYPOINT statements are combined into a single sentence before execution, where cmd are entrypoint’s statement parameters.

The image was built correctly but when i try to instanciate an conteiner with this image, it show me the following error:

/data-integration is not a comand

thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english

When defining a CMD statement using an array then each param should be a separate item in the array like this:
CMD [“”, “8080”]

The same goes for the ENTRYPOINT statement, so that should be like:
ENTRYPOINT ["/data-integration/"]

Take a look at the documentation about using CMD

Thanks!!! I read the documentation and made corrections in the Dockerfile. Now the container it’s working properly