Any good material to learn compose file and learn how to write the code


I am new to Docker and view some compose file but it is not intuitive for me.
Is there any link that explains the details of compose file so that I can learn and write my
own compose file.

Alex C

The best way to understand docker-compose by following

Also there are courses you can purchase on - Docker Mastery from Bret Fisher

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The compose file reference guneetbh posted covers everything!

Put the compose files on one screen, open the compose file reference on another screen and go thru the compose file and lookup the meaning of things in the compose file refence. It’s actualy pretty straight forward.

Once you get a brief understanding, try to translate one of your docker run commands with all its parameters in a docker-compose configuration. If you encounter impediments along the line, post your docker run command with all paramenters and the compose file you created so far, and I am sure someone will assist in figuring out what needs to be done differently :slight_smile:

Thank you both for your advise and I will learn to write my own and post any issue in this forum if any question or problem.

Alex C.