How to create a Dockerfile and dockercompose.yml file

docker compose
given this traceback error I am trying to understand why my django website will not load properly. After asking chat gpt, checking the django documentation, and taking a course on docker I believe that my django project is having trouble connecting to postgress.

How do I write a docker compose file from scratch? How do I determine what parts I need? Do I just go through every single thing that the docker compose file offers and add what sounds good, run into errors, and than adjust.

Is there a command that I can run that helps me build a dockerfile and docker compose automatically? What is your approach to making these? I have chekced the documentation and getting started tutorials.

I have taken some docker courses but they show specific examples for their case.

Do I jsut go to the documentation and grab what seems good, and run the program until it works?

If you use Docker Desktop >=4.16, you could try if docker init can help you to kick-start your project.

You can always start of by searching for other projects on GitHub using the same technology stack you are looking for, and see what they did and how they did it.

The compose specification tells you what field are required and optional: The Compose application model | Docker Docs

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