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Anyone running Docker Desktop on Dell XPS 15" laptop?

I’ve checked everything in

This link indicates Dell does not support Virtualization on an XPS 13" laptop:

I also can’t start a virtual machine under Hyper-V Manager, although Hyper-V Host Compute Service is running.

If anyone has gotten Docker Desktop running on Dell XPS 15" laptop, thanks for letting me know.

My last company had Dell Laptops. To my surprise the stock configuration of the bios came with virtualisation disabled. To enter the bios, you have to hammer the F2 key after powering on your device.

Thanks meyay.

Virtualization is definitely enabled in the BIOS,

And under
Task Manager
Virtualization Enabled

But Docker Desktop is still complaining.

On a Dell 5510 Precision Laptop running Fedora, I was able to install and run Docker without problem.

I will post on the Dell Forum to see whether Virtualization–despite being enabled in the BIOS–
is not supported on the XPS laptops.

vt-d shouldn’t be the reason - its only purpose is to pass through phsyical devices into vms.

You can use to see which virtualisation feature is available on your system.