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App which can monitor Docker containers

(Donghoson) #1

I am interested in docker application which monitors usage of CPU and memory.
Also, I need some orchestration tool such as Kubernetes.
However, I am a new developer in this area.
So, I need some advice.
I have 3 ubuntu physical machines.

How can I start my project?
How can I use Kubernetes? It is difficult to use this tool.

(Doncicuto) #2

I’ll give you some tips based on your project’s setup.

You’re asking for monitoring apps so I’d start reading about Prometheus.

If you’re using baremetal machines you may try to have a look at two projects that can help you creating a Kubernetes cluster so it’s easier for you to start:

  1. Rancher
  2. Tectonic


(Parijs) #3

If you are looking for a monitoring tool for Docker and Kubernetes, also have a look at CoScale. We offer a certified solution forDocker monitoring, built specifically for monitoring containerized applications.