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Architecture: Use reverse proxy

I am building up a server at my home for running some of my LAMP stack based applications. I will want to have some of my applications available from the internet.
So I am wondering if I should run an NGINX based reverse proxy on my server that routes traffic to the specific container? Or should I let the traffix be routed directly from the internet into the container?

Appreciate any thoughts on that from you!

Using nginx as a reverse proxy will probably be the easier of those two. I do have a guide (completely docker based), let me know if you need one.

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Thanks Debdut for your answer. I would really appreciate if you could share that guide with me.
Thanks in advance!

Hope this helps.

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I am currently working on setting up the environment as you described it in that tutorial. Thanks so far for your support…

The proxy works. But how to setup the network architecture?