[Reverse Proxy] apache or nginx or traefik : need tuto

Hi everyone
I’m a noobs on docker and so linux, and i would like to dockerize all my existing VM on a All In One Buntu server 22.04 with Docker.
I would have : nextcloud, jellyfin, glyde, adguardhome, guacamole and ejabbered to be dockerized
And with all of them i would like to know what can i use to have only one https server that route on each docker ?
For example https://mydomain/jelly to route to jellyfin docker, https://mydomain/nc to route to my nextcloud etc…

I don’t know if its reverse proxy (proxypass, etc…) i really don’t know how it works or what i could choose.
Currently i use Nethserver to make reverse proxy, but i would prefer to use reverse proxy under docker.
Is it possible ? and if yes, what tuto can i follow step by step to deploy that docker ? because i don’t know apache, nginx, traefik.

Currently i also know how to create a docker for :

Those docker are ready to run but what should i use and follow as tuto to route to each docker ?

I wish i was clear :slight_smile:

For your information, i tried several tuto for traefik, apache proxy, nginx proxy and for each of them i didn’t get them work.
I need a simple tuto


I would use traefik, since it can autodiscover your other containers, there is a getting started guide here:

Hi Thanks a lot for your turn back.
I have unfortunately no knowledge on linux i’m noob and also on docker
I tried Traefic but really don t understand how to configure and how it works
May be an idea :
docker + https + proxypass + + proxypassreverse
I did not find any working tuto including Letsencrypt pem files

i really need a working tutaorial because today i tried more than 13 tuto with no result

I m disappointed…

I wish i really have a working frontend server apache or nginx with my existing pem letsencrypt to route on different local server

Any help