ASP.NET Core with SQL Server Deployment to Azure

I’m just starting the learning curve.

I don’t know this tool’s limitations. I am looking to use Docker for work so I can migrate my ASP.NET Core MVC builds to Azure without a lot of effort. Can someone point me to the best tutorial so I can learn this?

My environment includes a Web Portal, 3 API REST Services, an Identity Server (ASP.NET Core) and 3 SQL Databases. Can one Docker instance house all of these elements so I have an encapsulated environment that can be copied and deployed?


This is a lot to digest for a newby. :slight_smile: So, I assume your answer is… yes, it’ll handle it. :joy:

You put the effort in to give me a great answer so now I need to put the effort in to try it out. Thanks for your help!

I’ll likely have a lot of dumb questions so, until next time,