Assets to Azure - Is Docker better than ARM Deployments?

I’m 1 developer at a company trying to simplify my life. I have an application eco-system that is getting ready to go into the testing phase that includes the following assets:

1 ASP .NET Core Web Portal
3 ASP .NET Core Web APIs
1 ASP .NET Core Identity Server
3 SQL Databases

Can someone give me an overview (or a link) that compares for me the difference between deploying these assets from Visual Studio’s Deployment Pipeline directly to Azure using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and using Docker?

Containers make sense to me because I should be able to deploy all of these assets to 1 Docker instance then deploy the Docker instance to Azure. But, I need to understand what the entire application life-cycle looks like.

Initial deployment seems easy but how do I manage individual asset updates? So, if I have Production up and running and now I need to update the Web Portal do I send just the Portal up or do I send the Docker instance up? ETC (we all know there is more to consider)

I can’t be the first person to ask this so you likely have something written up. Thanks in advance for your help,