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Authorize helm chart in

Hey i’m trying to authorize my pods in because i got:

Warning Failed 11m (x3 over 12m) kubelet Failed to pull image "busybox:latest": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon: toomanyrequests: You have reached your pull rate limit. You may increase the limit by authenticating and upgrading:

I already have a secret set up:

> kubectl get secret regcred

NAME      TYPE                             DATA   AGE
regcred   1      105m

Unfortunately I have no idea where to “throw” it if I pull the whole from chart:

> helm2 upgrade --namespace gitlab --install gitlab gitlab/gitlab --timeout 600 -f gitlab-conf.yaml

I have gitlab-conf.yaml with the given resources, etc which are on AWS. Should I customize chart in some way? Do you have any idea?