New dockerhub limits

How are people here dealing with the new dockerhub pull limits that take effect on 11/1?

I’ve been contacting docker support all week but they have been very unresponsive to my questions.

Setting up existing kubernetes services (e.g. rabbit or redis) that are installed via helm that pull from dockerhub that weren’t setup to authenticate originally for example…or operators which are a black box to us (aside from perusing “go” code). In an operator the operator manages deployments/rs etc. If the operator doesn’t support creds for dockerhub pulls the only option is for the vendor to fix this.

Also not sure how kubernetes works…using an older version…will it try to authenticate when trying to pull (say when rescheduling a pod to a new node) from dockerhub?

is there any way to see in dockerhub via our paid account whether a pull to a non private repo came across as authenticated vs anonymous?

At a corporation it’s possible that many servers “look like” the same ip address to dockerhub so you are sharing the limit across those.

We have a paid account but we are a bit stuck here and docker the vendor seems to be doing a horrible job of communications. I’m anticipating a few big corporations having downtime due to docker (the vendor) making this change w. poor communication and support.