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Auto-builds for all tags

(Stefan Foulis) #1

It would be really useful, if a Trusted Build on docker hub could be configured to automatically build all git tags from github/bitbucket (using the same tag name for the docker image).

Only re-build tags (and branches) if the commit hash of the tag/branch changes. But allow manually triggering a re-build for any tag/branch from the web interface.

(Jorgemoralespou) #2

I also see this feature as very important.
I want to create an image tagged when I create a tag in my github, so I don’t have to go the the docker hub and do it manually everytime I create a release in my github.
Having latest triggered by master is fine, but not sufficient.

(Sven Dowideit) #3

Hey guys, This is logged in our internal tracking system as issue #1532. I’ve passed on your use cases too.

(Mikehaertl) #4

I very much second this. I see this related to what I wrote in this thread: Automated Build only on monitored Github folder change?. Namely, a semver tagged image should really never change (unless you really know what you’re doing and want to rebuild manually).

Sven, is there any update on that status of your internal ticket?

(Desmondmorris) #5

+1 This would be great

(Dreamcat4) #6

+1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Ahaasler) #7

This is really necessary.

(Jakirkham) #8

+1 Also, think this would be amazing.

(Marc Cortinas) #9

+1 :smiley: it seems a very interesting feature

(Markus Strazds) #10

+1 This would be a really useful feature.

(Ahaasler) #11

I’m going to use, works as the docker hub should.

(Jakirkham) #12

It appears someone has recently made a Docker Image to workaround this defect ( ).

(Dror) #13

+1 on this issue.
is there any way to track this features rollout?

(Dror) #14

is there anybody from docker staff who’s watching this here? @svendowideit maybe?

(Jerry Baker) #15

@drora - We have a Github feature request open:

(Kai Hendry) #16

Ah, is this why my PHP branch on Github never seems to co-ordinate with even though I setup the Docker integration?

This has been driving me nuts. I also don’t know why the & github links cannot be found upon a push…

(Stefan Foulis) #17

The tag building has since been added :slight_smile:

The manual re-building works for branches, but not yet for tags.

What would also be cool, is to re-use the exact same image for the same commit. E.g if branch and a git tag point to the exact same commit, they should also point to the exact same docker image.