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Autobuilding won't trigger when baseimage is updated

I have the the following Docker: madskonradsen/centos-supervisor

That contains the following from statement:
FROM centos:centos7

and even though “Repository links: Enable for Base Image” is enabled in the settings, my image isn’t autobuilding. Am I missing something, or is it a bug?

Yes, you did miss something.

The tooltip for “Enable for Base Image” clearly states, that this only works for non offical images:

Trigger a build in this repository whenever the base image is updated on Docker Hub. Only works for non-official images.

Base images are specified in the FROM: directive in the Dockerfile of the source repository.

Which makes perfect sense, as an update of offical images would trigger a rebuild of all images, that use it as a base image. Would you prefer a denial of service because the build servers are overloaded or a blockage of the the build queue for a long time?

Yup, It seems like I missed that questionmark somehow! But it makes perfect sense. Thanks!

I could use some extra explanation here:

I have two docker hub repos both pointing to a github repo. The first seems to work fine. Docker hub sees the readme files and will build just fine.

Dockerfile FROM:
FROM ubuntu

The second, although everything is connected from what I believe to be correct, will not seem to pull in the readme or attempt to build.

This is a mutli-sate build docker
FROM node:14.15.0-alpine3.12 AS builder
FROM node:14.15.0-alpine3.12

Although the autobuild is nice and I prefer it. At this point I am just trying to get the first repo to see the github and pull in the readme information at a minimum.