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Autobuild doesn't work

My repo is here:
I have connected it to my github repo too:
and configured my docker hub repo for Automated Builds.

But it just doesn’t work:
It would not automatically trigger a build whenever I made a push, and it also still doesn’t work when I click the “trigger” button.

Any idea why this happens? and is there a place I can check what’s the problem in my REPO?


I’m having some similar issues.

  • Issue type BUILD
  • OS Version/build Windows 10 1909 / 18363
  • App version
  • Steps to reproduce Following docker online tutorial.

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32\doodle\cheers2019> docker run -it --rm michaelgosselin/cheers2019
Unable to find image ‘michaelgosselin/cheers2019:latest’ locally
docker: Error response from daemon: manifest for michaelgosselin/cheers2019:latest not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown.
See ‘docker run --help’.
PS C:\WINDOWS\system32\doodle\cheers2019>

I had exactly the same problem. I created a new repository on GitHub, then a new repository on Docker Hub and connected the GitHub repository to it with the default build rule. I couldn’t get a build to trigger at all, even by manually clicking the “Trigger” button. After staring at the GitHub repository for a while, I realized it had been created with default branch “main”, ignoring the conventional “master”. I fixed the problem by creating a branch called “master” in my GitHub repository.

Most of the blame lies with GitHub for violating a convention which had been in place since the creation of git. If some people want to change the default branch name for their new repositories, GitHub should enable that. I didn’t make such a choice and wasted time because of the extremely surprising change that I had neither been aware of nor consented to.

Some blame also lies with Docker Hub for giving no feedback about the misconfiguration. It looked for a branch named “master” and didn’t find one, then did absolutely nothing. Why notify the user that such a branch doesn’t exist?