Autobuilds not fetching fresh github repo list


We are running into an issue with setting up our automated builds linked to a Github repository.

This is something that was working for quite some time but recently stopped working.

When we create a new public repository in Github it does not appear in the list for the automated builds.

We have followed various steps in re-linking the services as described on this page (, and various others.

From the analysis i have been able to do, it seems that the API request dockerhub makes to Github is a cached version as it returns a list of repositories that has been created some time ago, but any new repository does not show up in the API request results.

I have also tested this by deleting a repository that does appear in the API request to GIthub which still appear in the API request after it no longer exists.

Any assistance regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated as we are currently blocked from completing our deploy pipelines