Automated build custom file


I have successfully setup automated build for my docker image. But I’m facing a problem with REAMDE file.

In github repository I have a README file located in root of repo - this is a README I want to use as description at Docker Hub. And I have a separate directories for versions, containing Dockerfile and README specific for that version of image. Problem is that automated build picks README file from version directory - I understand that this is correct behaviour of automated build I’m asking if there is way to override it.

I tried creating a build hook and changing Dockerfile path (to non-existing file) in automated build, but that failed because of missing Dockerfile. And I’ve also tried creating a post_checkout hook which replaced README file in version directory with repository README, but this also didn’t work because the README was picked before this hook was executed.

If it is not possible to override README file, I would appreciate at least if it was possible to disable automated repository description update based on README.

Is there a way how to achieve this?


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We have the same issue. It would be nice if the build settings would include a text field to specify the name of an alternative README file. Or a mechanism, which scans e.g. for a static name like

The current workaround is to use a separate git repository for the Docker file, but then the build is not triggered on code changes in the main repository.

I’m a bit late but you should try adding an “error” to the readme name.

e.g Try adding a space. becomes README .md

I know when I added an extra “e” to one of my READMEs it defaulted to the readme in the root of the repo.