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Automated Build Doesn't find Dockerfile

(Sean McCully) #1

or the in the git repo which is hosted on github.

What have I missed or done wrong?

(Sean McCully) #2

So there’s definetly a delay here, not sure if with Docker or Github. Would be very interested to know.

(Andy Rothfusz) #3

Could you elaborate on the delay you saw? Usually the sequence is something like this (let us know where the unexpected delay happened and how long it was):

  1. You create a Github repo
  2. You edit your code and push to Github.
  3. You connect your Github account to your Docker Hub account
  4. You configure your Docker Hub account to make an Automated Build from your Github repo
  5. When you save, Docker Hub puts your build into a queue (“Pending”)
  6. Docker Hub pulls your code and looks for a Dockerfile (and grabs your too)
  7. Docker Hub builds your code (“Building”)
  8. Docker Hub pushes your image to your Docker Hub repo (“Pushing”), along with build logs and your
  9. Docker Hub updates your list of tags
  10. Docker Hub updates your Readme/Information tab
  11. Docker hub marks the pushed completed (“Finished”).

(Sean McCully) #4

Sure, the delay was between steps 5 and 6.

Assuming this is related to some cdn latency, the github repo was created within +10/20 minutes the Automated Build was created on Docker Hub. Docker Hub was not retrieving the Dockerfile within the first hour and not greater then a 4/5 hour after the github repo was created.

Its difficult to be certain, but the process brokedown in step 6 as Docker Hub was not finding the Dockerfile and

(Christian Frech) #5

I’m experiencing a similar delay, although this could be a different issue: My automated build finished successfully 10 minutes ago (shown under “Build Details”), but neither Readme nor Dockerfile have arrived yet at Dockerhub and the tabs are empty.

(Eric) #6

Like @cfrech, I too cannot see my Dockerfile even after an hour. However, the Readme has been uploaded.

(Peter Watkins) #7

In testing automated builds hub.docker stopped refreshing the from my github repo for the information tab on the docker image repo. The build triggers worked when I updated the file but it wasn’t picked up for the information tab.

You can see this at and how the docker image repo has missed the from


(Marcel Stör) #8

I’ve had the same issue with I created a ticket at and it was resolved in no time. Really great support.