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Automated build runs twice (since redesign)


Currently our automated builds are running twice.
I checked the logs. This has been happening for about 5 days (so around the 14th of December?).
No changes to the build settings have been made.

I checked the webhook log on GitHub, it only triggered once.

I triggered the build of each web hook by hand. It only builds once.

Maybe something changed with how Dockerfiles are found? We have two dockerfiles in the repository.

Git Repository Dockerfiles:


Automated Build Settings:

[Branch] mybranch, /, mytag
[Branch] mybranch, /Dockerfile-worker, mytag-worker

Result (Last week)

Building mytag
Building mytag-worker

Result (Now)

Building mytag
Building mytag
Building mytag-worker
Building mytag-worker


Experience the same behaviour, but only one dockerfile on each repository. Reproduces Doesn’t Reproduce

Both use same triggers/hooks for starting seems odd that Hugo one gets double builds on trigger


I experience the same thing: using github integration.
Maybe it is dues to the github apps and a hook or some other double wiring between github and docker hub.

(Oninoshiko) #4

Noticing this too. Any word on how to fix it?

(Andrew Nicols) #5

I’ve seen this on one of our repositories in the past. It was happening on a repository linked to GitHub.

Previously the build happened via a GitHub hook. When Docker changes the integration the GitHub hook became superflous but was not removed. Whenever we pushed we got a double-build.

Removing the GitHub hook solved it for us. Maybe start by checking there.

These docs may be relevant: