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Strange "double builds"

Hi all,

i have several container images, all set up the same (I think).
Dockerfile is in github, the additional files (if needed) are also either in github or are downloaded at buildtime.

Now here’s what puzzles me:
on some of those projects, when I push a new version into gihub it triggers one build of the image, and on some, it triggers two builds, with the same hash.

Please help me understand why.

a good example is lemmy04/corrade-docker and lemmy04/corradeplus-docker, the former builds once per git push, the latter builds twice per git push.

Any ideas?


…anyone got any ideas? now corrade-docker also builds twice in a row, and I haven’t even changed anything about the setup.

Maybe this is related: Log in to github and check the webhook section of your repository.
There should be only one webhook for docker hub. If there are multiple you might want to fix it.