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Automated Windows builds

I’ve set up an automated build from Github for an image based on microsoft/aspnet but it is trying to build it on Linux and failing with an “unknown blob” error. Will there be support for automated builds of Windows images?

Building in Docker Cloud’s infrastructure…
Starting to clone
Cloning into ‘.’…
Cloning done
Getting README
Getting Dockerfile
KernelVersion: 4.4.0-45-generic
Os: linux
BuildTime: 2016-10-11T18:29:41.366230153+00:00
ApiVersion: 1.24
Version: 1.12.2
GitCommit: bb80604
Arch: amd64
GoVersion: go1.6.3
Starting build of
Step 1 : FROM microsoft/aspnet:latest
unknown blob

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@hbuckle Thanks for the feedback. The automated build system does not currently support Windows-based images. We do have this on the Docker Cloud roadmap and are planning to release Windows build support next year.

Any update about this? Does Hub already support Windows-based images? If no - do you have any ETA?
If not supported - what is the recommended way to store, build and test the windows-based images?

Any update on the timeframe on when Docker Cloud will support building Windows Docker images from Github? It would be great if they specified only Linux containers are supported so people wouldn’t waste their time trying to get it working.


@pkennedyr, have there been any updates on the status of Windows automated build support?

are there still any plans to support windows images?

Heh, I second this. Just wasted some time setting it up only to find out it doesn’t work. Would have been nice to know it ahead of time. Also would be nice to know why it hasn’t really been addressed after so many years.

I second this. In the meantime, a BIG red message should be displayed somewhere so those trying to create automated builds on Windows from Github dont waste time trying to see whats wrong, only to find it buried inside the build log!


Is there any headway on making this available?

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This has been scheduled for 2017. Please tell us what’s the status now in 2020?

Just wasted nearly 2 hours on this today. It’s 2020 and STILL no warning or error indicating that Windows builds are unsupported. Hit Save and Build. Nothing. Just fantastic.