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Automatic Docker Container Migration Tools

Hello everyone,

I have been searching for docker container migration tools for a few months now but I can’t seem to find something well suited for my needs. I am at my wit’s end so I’d really appreciate any help.

My end goal is to implement automatic container migration. I am a broke student and I can’t afford any paying tools either, so what are my options?

Thank you so much for any insight you might share and have a great day everyone!!

Migration from what to what?

(This was flagged as spam by a filter that is pretty good at recognizing that; I hope I was not fooled into believing it was not.)

It seems the spam filter may know what’s posted on Reddit before Google exposes that, nice. Not too nice to post the same question in multiple places (without at the least telling readers about that). Anyway, answered on and I couldn’t have said it better than raesene2:

Generally in containerized systems, the individual running container is intended to be ephemeral.

So you don’t migrate a running container, you redeploy it from the image.

I need to migrate a container from a host to another (2 VMs deployed on different physical servers in two geographically dispersed locations)