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Basic Docker Networking Question from a beginner



Total docker newb here. I’ve been consuming a lot of training material and watching some videos, but I’m still really cloudy on docker networking concepts and I’m hoping that if I could get a question answered it might start to clear things up a little.


I installed Docker on a Ubuntu Linux vm that I’m running in VMWare Workstation on my Windows 10 computer.
Before I installed docker the Linux Host VM had a dynamic ip of that it got from my LAN DHCP server. After I installed Docker the Linux host now has a dynamic IP of that I understand that its getting from docker so that it goes on the default docker bridge and can communicate with any container that gets put in that bridge.

So I can ping the Linux host now from Windows 10 computer at The Docker host can also ping my Windows 10 computer on my local lan ip and it can ping the Windows 10 computer at which i guess is the Docker bridge ip for my Windows 10 computer. However, I know that I can’t ping the Docker host from any of the other computers on my LAN because this docker bridge is just a bridge/virtual switch that only exists locally between the Docker host, the docker app, and my Windows computer via the Docker Host VM running in VWare workstation.

So given all this, if I get an application running in a container how do I expose that application to any of the computers running on my local LAN?

Also, is there a way or a reason to make the Docker host which is now on, visible on the network? I’m thinking to be able to manage it from other computers on the local network, or am I just thinking about this the wrong way?

I’d appreciate any light in the darkness. :smile: