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Docker container can not talk to local connected devices

I want my docker to talk to the host and get the IP address of the host and other devices connected to it on the local network.
I found out that I can use --network host in Linux but it does not work in windows.
(source: Use host networking | Docker Documentation)
Is there a way to make my project run on a Windows host machine as well?

Main work:
I want to get a list of IPs and MAC addresses of the devices connected to my local network and then find the devices by the MAC addresses and use their IPS to send UDP commands to them. Then the devices send their sensor data back to the main program on the host machine.

Without Docker, my python code works fine.

  1. I am able to “ping” through all the IPs( -
  2. I am able to all “arp -a” and get the list of all devices.
  3. Through string manipulation, I get all the devices and then send them the UDP command which in turn sends the IP of the host(server) to the devices connected.
  4. And the devices send their sensor data to the host via UDP using Host IP.

With Docker:
On Docker for Linux, the IP address of the gateway between the Docker host and the bridge network is 172.17. 0.1, and my system needs to work on the host to connect to local devices.

Please help. Thank you in advance.