Beginner questions

I’m building my first dockerfile and am following along with a tutorial but still have many questions.

Question 1
FROM debian:latest the supported tag ‘latest’ comes from the docker official images page but there are lines and lines and lines of tags, so many! One of the lines being:
[ buster , buster-20200607 , 10.4 , 10 , latest ]
So can I use any of these tags? Instead of FROM debian:latest could I equally use FROM debian:buster and I would end up with the same images with the exact same version of debian?

Question 2
So now I need to install node. Now according to the tutor the docker page for node specifies as an option debian be included/baked in (read the node:<version> paragraph). Well I don’t see where it explicitly says this, how does he know this? Hence if he’s correct we can in our docker file use instead of above: FROM node:latest instead.