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Docker pull: manifest not found

We’ve just published our first image to Docker Hub ( but when we try to run

docker pull whiskyechobravo/kerkoapp

I get

Using default tag: latest

Error response from daemon: manifest for whiskyechobravo/kerkoapp:latest not found


When you use docker pull, without a :tag, it will default to the tag: latest.
And your image, dosnt have the tag latest. ( )

So if you need to pull your image:
docker pull whiskyechobravo/kerkoapp:0.3alpha1-18-gf8b5603

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I see – I thought “lastest” just means “latest added” but it’s just literally the tag named “latest”. That means I can overwrite tags on publish then?

So on publish I would just always add

docker tag kerkoapp whiskyechobravo/kerkoapp:latest
docker push whiskyechobravo/kerkoapp:latest


Hi again.

You can “multi tag” images, see

You can apply multiple tags to an image. For example, you can apply the latest tag to a newly built image and add another tag that references a specific version. For example, to tag an image both as whenry/fedora-jboss:latest and whenry/fedora-jboss:v2.1 , use the following:

$ docker build -t whenry/fedora-jboss:latest -t whenry/fedora-jboss:v2.1 .

So that tag gets applied on build? I thought the common procedure was to run docker tag, then docker push?

Think its more up to you how you do it, but why not do it while build, then you dont have to run the docker tag command, and running less commands, is good for the environment, or something :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

We’re doing a lot of local builds that we don’t all want to tag.