Beginner trying to run Django project using Dockerfile

I am new to Docker. I am trying to run a basic project that I have made in Django. My Dockerfile is:

FROM python:3

COPY members /associate/

WORKDIR /associate

RUN pip install Django
WORKDIR /associate/forening

CMD ["python", "", "runserver", "8000"]

My django project is in a folder called members. What I am trying to do above is to install django to the virtual environment of the django project which has been copied to the folder associate. But I can’t find the server which exists on my computer locally when i run the django project.

Also, where are my docker images and containers stored? When I run docker info it says that docker root directory is var/lib/docker but no such directory exists

I recommend the comparison from my tutorial:

Very important to know that Docker CE often referred to as Docker Engine is not the same as Docker Desktop. Docker Desktop adds new features for development purposes, but it runs a virtual machine (yes, even on Linux) so you will lose some features that you would be able to use with Docker CE.

This tutorial will mostly use Docker CE, but you can use Docker Desktop depending on your needs, however, some of the examples might not work. Whenever an example requires Docker Desktop, it will be noted before the example.

Also that localhost in the container is not localhost on the host even in Docker CE without the Desktop.