Best place for OPS (Not developers) to get support

Where is the best place for OPS engineer to get support…

To explain,
I have been learning and I am a noob, I have 2 Linux nodes, 1 windows node in a soon to be swarm, with 1 Linux being the manager.
I don’t develop applications, our developers do that. So I do infrastructure and networks and I have rebuilt these 3 vms 10 times and every time the network refuse to work properly.
The issue is the windows docker network doesn’t work properly.
Trying to figure this out, is like getting water out of a rock.

It doesn’t matter what I search for. Basically the results all refer to changing the containers yml and redeploying the stack. I work at the layer below that, more like the physical layer. I have no containers no stacks nothing, it is new blank, empty swarm (which we call clusters), the windows node can see the entire corporate network, which has 10 subnets, I can ping every single office, except the subnet it is on. I know the virtual network NAT / Docker0 (vEthernet) are causing this issue, it has nothing to do with containers/stack or whatever.
How do you fix?
Well, so far impossible, you can’t search it…
So where do I ask such questions where someone can dumb it from yml to Network+

I might then begin to understand what I am doing wrong.

Please help


People who are answering here probably do both or at least have done both, so you can ask here. There is no different forums for developers and ops. To work with Docker we need to understand both at least a little. Or are you asking for the proper category?

If you want to ask here, providing all the details you can is the key to get help but it is not guaranteed to get it. In your case you are also using Windows with Sarm, which is not very common I think. I only guess that you run Windows containers on Windows and not Linux containers. Am I right?

You need to be very specific and share what your goal is, what you tried, what error message you get and when you get it. Without that, we can only guess. Sharing commands can help us to understand the issue better.

You mentioned pinging but I am not sure I understand what you want to ping and why and from where. If you want to ping an IP address in one of your subnets that can hardly be a Docker issue, but it depends on where you run the ping command.

So please, share more details and we will see if we can help you or not. If you know Windows well enough and we can help with Docker specific questions, we can put those together and hopefully solve the issue.