Windows or Linux Host for Docker

Hi guys. We are starting to dip our toes into DevOps. Our first task assigned to us is to get docker up and running somewhere for our Devs to play with. We have historically been an all window house but over the last few years Linux appliances have been popping up. As such, the business wants to move to a modern micro-service architecture and DevOps self service model. I need to platform up for them! We are not cloud ready yet but we’d like to let the devs spin up some test envs.

As such, I’m thinking the options re as follows (our hyper-visor is ESXi):

  1. Linux VM running docker.
  2. Windows VM running docker. Need virtualization exposed to the Windows VM to enable Linux containers

Would need RAW disk in VMWare likely to add large amount of storage etc. Any networking considerations?

  1. Linux on tin with docker and SAN
  2. Windows on tin with docker and SAN

Essentially I’m wondering if using Windows on tine with Hyper-V and docker is more flexible than Linux on tin? We can switch the mode on windows to run in Linux more (albeit the devs will loose their linux envs that are running) but with Linux as the host we cannot spin up windows containers

Also, it seems MS are planning on allowing side by side operation of windows and linux containers down the line.

So why not to use Windows as the host? Not scalable perhaps due to Moby VM to hot Linux?