Books On Docker


I would like to ask if there are tutorial books on building and using Docker containers which are worth reading.

I should get “Docker Up & Running” 2nd Edition tomorrow. Are there other books worth reading?

I’m especially interested in building customized containers and also networking between containers.



I have the same question. How is the book?


I apologize for the delay in responding. I do have the print version of “Docker Up & Running 2nd Edition.” I started reading it, then put it aside. Then you inquired about the book and that re-started me in reading it. I have not yet read the entire book. I have not tried out the exercises yet, either. I will try working with them in the weeks to come.

With that said…it takes 52 printed pages for the reader to get to the very first exercise, of building your first image. I’ve been doing assembly language programming on mainframes for decades now, and I’ve read many a technical book. I don’t think the authors started off on the right foot with those pages. As a technician, I want to start learning Docker right away. A lot of the “introduction” type content is hype in favor of Docker, and to a lesser extent to Google, which apparently invests in Docker. Those first 52 pages ought to be moved to the very back of the book as appendices. So my rating of the book, based on reading of the first 52 pages, is 0.5 (zero point five) out of a possible 10.0. I do think true technicians will tire of plowing through those first pages because they are not essential to getting started with Docker.

In the next few days, I will try out building my first image as first taught on page 53.

I’ll let you know if the book content improves from there. Of course, I’m expressing my own opinion.

Thanks so much