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Learning materials


(Pedrorijo91) #1


I’ll integrate a new project which uses Docker. As far as I know the guys in the project create custom dockers and launch them, and they use docker compose for something.

Besides the documentation pages of Docker, that typically include more information than I need, are there any good learning materials? (Free) MOOC, videos, books, pdfs, tutorials… ?

ps: may not be very relevant, but they develop on mac OS X


(Ralph Kincade) #2

Start with free videos about 2 or 3 hours on then pluralsite
has another 8 hours or so that is worth it if you want more advanced skills

(Ranjandas) #3


The Docker Training page contains 3 free self paced learning videos.

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Docker Fundamentals
  • Docker Operations


(Sterling Ledet) #4

Couple of suggestions for tutorial 1 - Introduction to Docker

  1. Show how to kill the last tomcat container in the tutorial. When the tutorial ends, tomcat is still running as a daemon.
  2. Be more specific on how to search for users in the exercise after a user is added in order to demonstrate that it’s not there. Some docker users may not be familiar with unix commands for finding users (if they are primarily mac or windows users)

In general though, it’s a great little 1 hour intro to docker.