Boot2docker install failed on Win7sp1 x64 pro

I’m having problems getting boot2docker installed and functioning. I installed 1.6.2 with default options, which left out VirtualBox and git tools (both already installed and up to date). I think the VirtualBox configuration failed, and now after multiple uninstall/installs, deleting the VM image, etc., I can’t seem to get things working. I either need to find a way to clean the install completely, or find out how to configure VirtualBox.

To clarify, after install I open a cmd prompt and tried to start boot2docker:

C:\Build>boot2docker  -v
Boot2Docker-cli version: v1.6.2
Git commit: cb2c3bc
Usage: boot2docker [<options>] {help|init|up|ssh|save|down|poweroff|reset|restart|config|status|info|ip|shellinit|delete|download|upgrade|version} [<args>]

C:\Build>boot2docker start
error in run: Failed to get machine "boot2docker-vm": machine does not exist (Did you run `boot2docker init`?)

C:\Build>boot2docker init
Latest release for is v1.6.2
Downloading boot2docker ISO image...
Success: downloaded
        to C:\Users\bob\.boot2docker\boot2docker.iso
error in run: Failed to initialize machine "boot2docker-vm": exit status 1


If I try to start the VM directly from VirtualBox, it says: FATAL: Could not read from the boot medium! System halted. There is no storage attached, 128MB memory, no network, etc.

I’m open to suggestions. Thanks.