Boot2Docker on Windows hangs on "docker login"

the command gets stuck on

To bypass this issue I just put the full command docker login -u XXX -p XXX -e XXX
This is ok - The problem happens when I want to push

I am propmted to re-enter my crednetials:

Please login prior to push:Disk
Username (XXXX):

And again…this is stuck, I press enter, I type the username…nothing…

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I faced similar issue. I logged in using the full locker login command and issued the push command right after login. It did not ask me to re-enter the credentials. Did you push right after the login?

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Did you ever determine the cause of this issue? I’m a new user and I’m experiencing the same issue. Any workarounds?

Edit: When I use the full command (docker login -u XXX -p XXX -e XXX), it says login successful. However, when I try to push to my repository, it still requires a login (and appears to hang unless I do CTRL+C).

I decided to try a different terminal console and it appears to work. Here’s what I did:

Now I see the error:

Please login prior to push:
Username ():
WARNING: login credentials saved in C:\Users<userid>.docker\config.json
Login Succeeded
The push refers to a repository [docker/docker-whale] (len: 1)
b9253bc24645: Image push failed
Error pushing to registry: Authentication is required.

I will have to do some research to find out why I’m receiving this.

login first worked for me!
(user, pass, email)

docker login -u xxxx -p yyyy -e zzzzz


docker push user/image:tag

Thanks for the help!