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Can't push (authentication required)

Hi, I’ve just installed Docker on Windows 10 few days ago. Seems I am able to login to my Docker Hub repo (by entering winpty docker login in my git-bash on windows). It says “Login succeded”. But after I try to push (docker push myrepo/myproject:sometag) it says finally “authentication required”. I’ve googled and researched yesterday whole of the day about this, but no help. Various advices that looked promising just did not help in my occasion. I understand problem is probably somewhere in Users/MyName/.docker/config.json. I’ve noticed that file is not the same as in boot2docker (version for windows 7). And in Windows 7 (which I use at my home) push works perfect. I must also say that I am running docker on Windows 10 behind corporate proxy. And proxy is set as it should be. I can even run maven commands behind proxy when doing docker build. It’s doing perfect. But I just can’t make push to docker hub repo.
Can you give me advice what to do? I’ve run out of options. Login works, but not push. This is how my .docker/config.json looks like:

	"auths": {
		"": {
			"auth": "xxxx",
			"email": ""

Can you tell me about auth variable? I think maybe problem is in it. I would like to generate it by myself if there maybe where problem lies. As I’ve read, it is username:pass base64 hash. But I’m not sure if that is correct. Or some more params are missing. As I said, config.json is a lot different in boot2docker version.I’m stuck on this and just can’t go further.

My Docker version is 1.12.5. Please help!

This looks wrong. The layout is username/repo:tag.

@friism, ok, wrong word (tipfeler), but that doesen’t solve the problem. What to do, how to connect and push? I still can’t do it.

Here is the problem - you can see login was good, but push just won’t pass. What to do?

I have the same problem with win7. I used to be able to push images, now for some reason I no longer can. I have no idea what to do after reading about this question (and possible) but not working solutions for me. Any news?