Browser Testing with Docker

Hi Team,

Objective:To setup and run tests on Selenium Grid using Docker Single Hose and Multihost

We’ve followed both Docker single host and multi host using docker swarm mode for setting up selenium grid on docker as mentioned in the below links
single host docker:
Multi-host docker:
and launched selenium images as services

After successful Docker Selenium grid setup, we executed tests in parallel mode, after some successful tests run and observed below issues for remaining tests -
Issues :
1). WebDriverException session ID is Null and
2). NoSuchSessionException session id not found
3). Tests are skipped/Failed during test suite execution when tests run in parallel mode

Please find below Selenium grid configuration/Setup - For both Single Host and Multi Host -
I. Docker Single Host:
Docker version: 1.12.5, build 7392c3b (Docker Tool box)
Selenium/Hub: 2.53.0
Selenium jars Version: selenium-server-standalone-2.53.0
Machine configurations : OS-Windows 7-64 bit, RAM-8GB, CPU-Intel i5-2400 CPU
Execution duration: 20 Mins
Number of hub containers: 1
Number of node containers(chrome): 2
Number of tests Executed : 50
Number of tests Passed : 20
Number of tests Failed : 30

II. Multi Host:
Docker version: 17.06.2-ce, build cec0b72(Docker for Windows)
Machine configuration: RAM-8GB, OS-Win10, CPU-Intel i5 2400 CPU
Execution duration: 30Mins
Number of tests executed: 50
Passed tests: 13
Failed/Skipped tests: 37
Number of containers: 6
Number of manager nodes: 1
Number of worker nodes: 3 (2 containers on each worker)
Memory assigned for worker: 1GB

Could someone please suggest/help in these issues

Thanks in advance

Are you able to get pass thru the issue mentioned above?