Docker multi hosting


I am working on Docker multi hosting, which works on overlay networking with swarm mode. I have created docker machines using docker-machine CLI, created a manager node and worker node, I am able to configure swarm mode between 2 machines(2 machines running on Windows 10 ) in the same Ethernet, I have created an overlay networking and started a service selenium/hub. Here my objective is to configure Selenium grid using Docker multi hosting.
Can any one suggest me how to view browser automation running on worker nodes in docker swarm mode?

Thanks in advance.

Windows Docker containers do not support GUI apps so you can’t run browsers in containers.

Are you running Win or Linux containers on Docker?

I’m using Linux containers on Windows platform for conducting multi hosting
on 2 machines.

Thanks in advance.


can’t we see the execution happening on browser?

please find the below link that i already have raised on stackoverflow to get answer on this